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We are convinced that quality and taste of products is the main factor to make a decision to reorder at the same food delivery service or visit the restaurant again. That is why, we try to make every product we pack and deliver the most tasty, i.e. fresh and natural. In order to achieve this we thoroughly study technology of production, carefully choose manufacturers of raw materials, examine their manufacturing site for compliance with all correspondent norms and regulations and only after that we start buying the raw materials. Sometimes we even have to ask the manufacturers to make amendments to their technological process to get required taste and organoleptic characteristics of final product.

Real soya sauce is a product, which has to mature in certain conditions during several months. As you can imagine, it is impossible to make it without high quality raw materials and strict compliance with technology. For this reason, there are not so many serious companies in the world producing it according to all required standards. However, there are quite a few of those who try to optimize the process by reducing its time and simplifying it and thus making their product cheaper.  Actually, this is NOT a soya sauce in its initial understanding, though it will look like it and taste like it.  More important is that if you dip your sushi or roll into it, they will not taste great enough for you to say “wow” and order it again. At the same time the difference in price between a typical sushi set using a real soya sauce and its “optimized” analogue is just 0, 5%.  That is why we work only with well-known manufacturers of soya sauce (for instance Kikkoman, Japan). Kikkoman representatives have been to our production facilities several times. At present our company is an official manufacturer of portion Kikkoman products in Russia. Our technologists are continuously cooperating with their Japanese colleagues, which allow us to create the right recipes based on our client requirements efficiently.

India grows most of ginger.  However nearly all of it is consumed within the country.  At present China acts as the main supplier of ginger into the world market. It is possible to collect up to three crops within a year. This makes ginger cultivation economically attractive for both big and small farms. But there are some difficulties: ginger has very strong roots which grow fast while stored.  Certain conditions need to be created to store it correctly. Knowledge of these details allows us to buy the best ginger stored in the right conditions, the marinade for which is made based on our recipe. To understand the result of this you may want to try the final product we offer.

Video review of ginger features

If you try to google the word “wasabi” you may find a lot of interesting information.  However, honwasabi, as the Japanese call it, is a very demanding plant and takes much time to grow. That is why it is quite expensive.  It simply can’t be available in quantities being consumed at the world market. In most cases companies use horseradish and transform it into wasabi with the help of spices. However, if we add real honwasabi into horseradish it will considerably change the taste of final product giving it the very natural taste and flavor. Any chef cook knows that such little things make the highlight of a dish and will make your client come back.

If you go to a pizzeria in Italy, you will find a couple of different oil bottles on each table.  They will usually contain some herbs or peppers.  However, if you order pizza for home delivery, you will hardly get any oil with it because it creates difficulties with pouring and packing. We have filled this gap and now you can supply your pizza orders with oils (garlic, rosemary and chili pepper and garlic and rosemary) packed in individual portions.  You can offer them to your clients to buy or supply it free as a promo action.  This way you will be able to expand your assortment and increase volume of sales or competitive advantage. Anyway, you will strengthen the “wow” effect, which motivates your customers to order from you again.


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