Stages of development

Continuous investment

Imbir Co has been dynamically developing in the area of portion packed products since 2012. During the last 5 years we’ve been meticulously studying specific production features of portion packed food products in order to make them meet your ultimate demands and expectations. And we have succeeded in this.

Today Imbir Co is one step ahead of manufacturers which do not specialize in this area. That’s why we are confident that the portion packs we offer are unique.  Our know-how allow us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date decisions, thus increasing their brand recognition and effectiveness. This has been proved by a continuous growth of orders from our partners both at the local market and abroad.

Each year we add new machines to our production facilities and improve the existing ones. This gives us an opportunity to grow at a faster pace, speed up order delivery process and increase quality.

A huge attention is paid to transport logistics. For over 5 years our clients has been delivered their orders in time whatever distance it takes.

Imbir Co management team loves Japanese cuisine and orders it frequently, so we know precisely well how to make it taste delicious and we are happy to share this knowledge with our partners.  This friendly relationship often resulted in active growth of our partners sales. People really liked it for it turned out to be tasty and convenient.

We see many advantages in producing tasty and quality products and we hear thanks from our customers. It helps us enjoy what we are doing and motivates for further development.

To believe it you need to try it - so we are suggesting that you check everything above said yourself and try our products and services. If you don’t like something you can always go back to your routine.

You will earn more with us !

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