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Our goal is to expand your business and to increase the number of loyal customers. Based on constant growth of clients we have succeeded in that.  Now it is your turn to test it.

These are the advantages of our portion packs compared to packing on site, which will allow you to expand and not regress quality:

  • Convenient to use (open and dip into, you don’t need to pour from one to another)
  • Direct visual contact of the customer (and other people around) with your brand name on top of the pack
  • Easy product accounting at order packing points, warehouses, accounting department
  • Shorter time required for completing orders
  • Your order looks neat when delivered to the client (sauce is not spilled, etc.)
  • You reduce risks of product losses during order filling
  • Save working time of your employees by cancelling some operations
  • Reduce the quantity of leftovers due to efficient and timely supply of fresh portion packs
  • It's possible to make portion packed products based on your recipes

The assortment of the products we produce and supply includes both mandatory ingredients required for completing your orders and portion products you can sell as an addition to main dishes. And, of course, we can make the product you want in portion packs under your brand name.

                    Order free samples - we will send them to your address.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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